For nearly 40 years, ZBM has been providing custom fabricated products to many industries across the United States and around the world; some of these include Power Generation, Agriculture, Utilities and Construction.


Welding, Cutting, Rolling, Bending, Forming, Painting, Shearing and Threading are some of ZBM's core capabilities, aiming to meet everyone's needs.  With their large production location in Fairmont, MN and conveniently located just off of Interstate 90, ZBM is equipped to handle any size project.


In 1981, Greg Zierke  started ZBM as a simple welding shop in his garage in Elmore, MN.  After finding his footing in the generator market and its need for custom oil-based fuel tanks, ZBM began to see itself grow and eventually sought a larger work-space at a re-purposed farm facility.  Within a few short years, Greg decided that ZBM needed its own building instead of renting one.  ZBM then made its second move to Winnebago, MN.


From the 90's and going forward, Kyle Zierke (son of Greg) would be seen on the production floor and assisting where he was most needed; this typically being behind a welding torch.  Over the course of the next two and a half decades, ZBM grew and expanded to encompass more than 7 acres and two large buildings in Winnebago.  It was after this expansion that ZBM introduced Kyle into the role of ZBM's Vice President, helping to share in overseeing the ever-growing production schedule. 


Eventually, the seasoned company would see its 5th and final move in order to expand yet again, both in employees and production area.  Their newest facility in Fairmont, MN is 96,000 square foot and rests on eight acres  that are less than two miles from Interstate 90.


Although change is inevitable for any growing company, one thing has never changed for Zierke Built Manufacturing: its dedication to making quality products.

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