EGSA Conference Sept. 23-25 Nashville, TN

For those with a connection to the power generation industry, such as those of us at Zierke Built Manufacturing working with generators and helping them stay fueled, the Electrical Generating Systems Association's conference marks the closing of the season on events that garner a plethora of helpful and potentially profitable information; the last big event being Power-Gen International in December.

At noon on Sunday, September 23rd, the 3-day EGSA event kicks off with registration and showcase set-up. Also, during this period, first-time members and attendees alike will have a special reception (by invitation only) where current members meet and greet all the new faces. This is a great time and place to start or continue networking with your peers!

Not to let the reception be the only place to relax and liaise with industry professionals, EGSA creates additional networking opportunities in the form of golf and fishing tournaments, to name a few. To round things out, the panels available cover everything from power generation standards to workplace conflict resolution.

Regardless of your reasons for going, your sure to have an enlightening experience and we hope to see you there!

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