Fuel Storage

Options include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Single or Double Wall Containment

  • Stationary or Mobile Application

  • Closed-Top Dike

  • Spill Boxes and Stations

  • Electrical Stub Area

  • Outside Support Channel (i.e., DERM, GEFA requirements)

  • Tank Steps and Step Holes

  • Customizable Gauge and Sensor Package

  • Vent Extensions

  • Mounting Skirts and Pads

  • Lifting Brackets and Bales

  • Forklift Pockets

  • Container Mounting

Precision Metal Fabrication

ISO Certified Quality

UL142 / ULC-S601 Certified

UN31A Canadian Standards Certified

NFPA 30, 37, 100 Certified

International Building Code Certified

ANAB Accredited

AWS Registered Welders

Do you have a job that has stringent code requirements due to its location?  Below is a list of many areas we manufacture products for that have increased/unique demands.


Special Codes

(by city, county and/or state):

  • Chicago, IL

  • Cincinnati, OH

  • Florida

  • Los Angeles, CA

  • Michigan

  • Nassau County, NY 

  • NYC

  • Ohio

  • San Bernardino County, CA

  • San Bruno, CA

  • Sioux Falls, SD

  • South Dakota

  • Suffolk County, NY

  • Wisconsin

  • and more

For more information on fabrication and our fabrication process, please contact us at (507) 399-2154.


These storage tanks are typically associated with power generation.  These tanks are utilized by facilities, such as hospitals and construction sites, to keep their operations running.



These storage tanks are typically associated with agricultural refueling operations; however, they are also utilized by a variety of industries, to include parks and recreational centers.



Mobile storage units cover the largest range of applications but are typically limited in quantity due to road and vehicle constraints.  Also mobile tanks themselves are not UL Certified.

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