Options include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Standard Flat, Bed-Over Deck and Drop-Deck

  • Open, Partially Enclosed and Fully Enclosed

  • Single or Multi-Axle

  • Toolbox (Bolt-On, Weld-On and Integrated)

  • Tie Downs

  • Fenders and Fender Steps

  • Trailer Steps

  • Bed Skirts

  • Spare Tire (with or without Mounting Brackets)

  • Wheel Chocks (with or without Mounting Brackets)

  • Jacks (Bolt-On and Weld-On)

  • Standard Tongue and Gooseneck

Precision Metal Fabrication

ISO Certified Quality

UL142 / ULC-S601 Certified

UN31A Canadian Standards Certified

NFPA 30, 37, 100 Certified

International Building Code Certified

ANAB Accredited

AWS Registered Welders

For more information on fabrication and our fabrication process, please contact us at (800) 269-2222 or (507) 399-2154.


Fuel trailers, with removable or built-in tanks, are a great asset for anyone needing to top off machinery in the field.  Better yet, why not mount your powered unit directly to the trailer and take it with you.


Utility trailers are frequently seen as nothing more than small flatbeds.  However, these trailers cover a wide array of applications, to include dump trailers, large cable reels/spindles and bulk pesticide/herbicide trailers for agricultural use.


Whether a standard flatbed, an enclosed trailer, or even a open/closed hybrid (shown above), flatbed trailers can cover a wide range of uses and appearances.  The options for these trailers are almost endless.

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